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31 July 2010 @ 01:51 pm

All gifts from My loser rob and more coming:)

I only really gave THREE boys that I am happy with and who are devoted enough for My liking. How sad is that?? Where have all the REAL submissive guys gone to?? I could use a couple more.
Positions you may apply for are the following:

Blackmail Guinea-pig - test subject to try My fine skills on. Requires sone courage. Requires a lot of credit.

Victorias Secret Slut - you get to shop for Me once weekly at VS. At least 200$ each time. As everything else, requires a lot of credit.

Debt puppet - you go into deep debt for My supreme satisfaction. Your sole purpose will be taking your credit score way down and applying for credit cards in MY name. Fun for the mire serious subs. Life altering shit, for sure.

I'm online today!