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08 August 2010 @ 04:09 pm

Don't fuck with the Princess, Peter Michael Reynolds! Your wife (hi!!), I feel bad for her :( but just do you know, Peter M. Reynold's wife, your sissy husband has been cheating on you for years... Remember the time you caught him redhanded with NiteFlirt? Well he spent all your birthday money on Dommes, that's why he couldn't take you out two weeks ago. Email Me - princessxisabelle@hotmail.com and I'll forward you his letters to Me, where he begs, among other things, for Me to ruin him. I also gave a hand written letter that I have scanned for your viewing. You need to get out of thus marriage, trust me... Peter is severely disturbed and completely lacking in sympathy fir you. He plain does not care, really all he values is spending your money on Me to mark his uselessness, & I believe he took your gold watch to the pawn shop. Fond it yet? A little tidbit of the kind if shit he'd say - "I only care about you princess!!! my wife will always come second to my GODDESS!"
I thought he was lying about all the being married stuff, honestly, bc he is such a fuck up pathetic piece if trash, I could nit imagine him being married, ever. But after researching, I found he is, indeed! Now I wanna warn you and tell you all about his nasty little habits. There's a bunch if 'em. Contact Me...